Why Passion is Overrated

By Jade Pearlhouse (contributor), Career Counsellor, Amazon Best-selling Author You often hear this: “Find your passion.  That’s your calling!  That’s what hugely successful people do!” Yet, after teaching career strategies for ten years, I have solid evidence to tell you that passion is overrated. Many people have more than one passion.  If you are one […]

Jade Pearlhouse Jade Pearlhouse

Optomizing Vitamin and Mineral intake

Many of us are aware of the importance of having a balanced diet getting enough vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy mind and body, but there maybe more to just eating the right food and taking the supplements when convenient. In previous articles on Neuben we have outlined what intake of each vitamin and […]

Neuben Neuben

Detox Foods And Diet To Rejuvenate Your Body

  Our bodies are bombarded by chemicals and toxins, they’re in the food we eat, water (and milk) we drink and the air that we breathe. Pesticides, antibiotics and hormones, artificial colors and preservatives, poisonous tap water and seafood with heavy metals. Plus GMO’s, chemicals from can linings and food packaging, second-hand smoke and air […]

Kevin Trumpfeller Kevin Trumpfeller

Winter Solstice

Cultures all over the world have seen the Winter Solstice as something magical and mystical to behold and celebrate. There are scores of festival celebrated in different parts of the world at the time of the Winter Solstice as it marks the shortest day of the year. The city of Rovaniemi in Finland has a […]

Neuben Neuben

Heart Health –  Basic Tips For Reducing Your Risks

Don’t Be A Statistic Despite advances in modern medicine, heart disease is still the leading cause of death according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. It’s estimated that nearly half of these deaths were preventable. The World Health Organization goes so far as to claim that 80% of premature heart attacks and strokes […]

Kevin Trumpfeller Kevin Trumpfeller

[VIDEO] What is Diwali?

We wanted to know about Diwali, the festival of light, and came across a very informative and video from production house scenes of reason. Do you celebrate Diwali?

Neuben Neuben

Smart plants – Floating Bonsai by The Hoshinchu Team

Bonsai plants are majestic as it is, but these Air Bonsai are quite exceptional. Hoshinchu.com

Neuben Neuben

[Gallery] Photos taken on on the ‘the best smartphone camera ever’ – Google Pixel

We’re sure you’ve heard about the new Google smartphone Pixel, if not check out the video here. Well we’ve tracked down some incredible shots taken by Isaac Reynolds Product Lead at Google, and would love to know how you rate them? Camera spec Rear camera: 12.3 mega pixels Front camera: 8 mega pixels Want to know […]

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The Importance of Vitamins In Your Diet

Vitamins are natural organic compounds vital for our normal growth and development, supporting metabolic processes and for general good health. Vitamins help to metabolize (breakdown and absorb) other nutrients to provide energy. Vitamins must be consumed as part of our daily diet as they cannot be synthesized by our bodies. Most vitamins are available from […]

Kevin Trumpfeller Kevin Trumpfeller

Need a new Smart Phone – Google Pixel

It has been labelled as the best smart phone to date! We think it looks pretty awesome. UK release date: Available now! Specs and more information: https://madeby.google.com/intl/en_uk/phone/ 

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