Pokemon Go!

If you’re a millennial, you probably don’t use your Gameboy anymore. However, there is one game coming back with a vengeance that is compatible to your phone and always has been in your heart. Pokémon has made a major comeback- yes, it has been on systems for the Generation Z, but now there is Pokémon Go, which is an app made by Niantic. The premise of the game is the same- you use your phone to find Pokémon and attempt to catch them with your Pokeballs. The interesting part of this game is it takes real life buildings and roads, and makes it a part of the game as well! Many buildings, like actual gyms, are training gyms in the game, while libraries can end up being PokeMarts to buy supplies. When my husband and I drove to the local post office, it was a PokeBall store.

Niantic is the company to thank for this expansion on our beloved childhood game. Five years ago, Niantic wanted to make a game that was interactive and kept the players interested but also physically active. What better way than to use a game that’s popular with most demographics and never lost its fame? Pokémon Go was conceived from its original structure and then molded to become an app. Currently, the only countries who have released the app are Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States on both Android and Apple stores. There are immediate plans to expand it to the rest of the world, but it’s currently in the works.

There have been a few bugs with this new game, like any new game. Some of the problems stem from basic interactions, which includes recovering Pokeballs that don’t catch Pokémon. I have heard that you can obtain Pokeballs by tapping them before they disappear, but there isn’t much reliability on this data. However, if you are unable to find Pokémon, there is an alternative. With you beginning on your Poke quest, you are given two incenses. These will bring nearby Pokémon to you. This is a fantastic alternative to use if you are having to stay in one location; it works even more efficient if you are traveling, because it will bring even more Pokémon to you.

Worldwide, people are ecstatic over the game. Not only is it bringing people another app to enjoy that can initiate nostalgia, but it also keeps people active. You can find Pokémon in your area, but you will find many as you travel, especially to city centres and bigger locations. Many people are reporting increasing levels of walking and physical activity. People are also meeting each other, increasing social activity. However, they are consequences too. Many players complain of the servers constantly down, due to high volumes of traffic. Another issue for many is the fact that Pokémon are being found in inappropriate areas, like the Holocaust Museum. It isn’t quite fair to evaluate this new phenomenon yet, but it’s fair to say that it will be interesting to see where this app goes in the future.