Home storage solutions

As new homes are built, older homes are divided up into smaller units and the price of land is at a premium, the way that people live in the modern world has changed. Gone are the days of massive loft spaces full of every belonging that a person or family has accumulated over time. With space at a premium people have had to look at different storage solutions when it comes to balancing the amount of living space they need with the amount of possessions that they own. The solutions make the most of space or provide extra space so that you can carry on living your life without feeling like you are overwhelmed by your possessions.

Many furniture producers and retailers have spotted this trend and have come up with more and more innovative solutions when it comes to making the most of a small space. IKEA has led the way in many parts of the world when it comes to squeezing a little more storage space from under a bed, inside a kitchen or behind the headboard in the bedroom. Many others have followed. You can now get drawers installed in your stairs to place all those items that just won’t fit anywhere else. The internet has given people the opportunity to reach out to more customers so an innovative company that can build design solutions that save space suddenly have a worldwide market to sell their products to. It means that more and more people can live in a smaller space in comfort and style.

Vacuum bags have become a big business on their own as people look to live season by season. These allow you to shrink down all of your clothes into much smaller packages so you can get rid of all those winter coats into as small a space as possible and replace them in your wardrobe with the summer outfits that you have just been waiting to put on. This is another clever way to look at your storage options because the changing seasons make a massive difference to how likely you are to wear certain items of clothing. If you are not going to need it for six months then why have it in the way? The bags an easily store under a bed or on top of a cupboard and are reusable as well so they are a cost-effective way of keeping down the clutter.

Self storage has become big business, especially in and around our cities and there are many options to choose from when it comes to finding somewhere for the belongings you need to keep but may not need every day. There are several companies that offer this service and it basically comprises of a massive warehouse split into many units. You rent a unit, fill it with your stuff and put your own padlock on it. Then you are ready to go. These are the type of things they sell on Storage Hunters when people don’t pay their fees! Self storage companies are big business – their trade association says that it is worth £355 million a year to their 400 members. And they have a quarter of a million customers! Self storage is a great way to compartmentalise your life. You may have suitcases that you use for only two weeks of the year or skiing equipment that you use for only one. Self storage stops you from tripping up over them for the rest of the year. They are located close to residential areas so they are easy to access and many are available 24 hours a day. It is so convenient.

There are several storage solutions out there if you are looking to make space in your life and home. From the way that your furniture works for you to renting more space from someone else you can de-clutter and live a life that sets you a little freer in terms of the space immediately around you. Many of the possessions we own have a sentimental value or future use so they can’t be sold or thrown away. Using an innovative way to store your belongings helps you to keep the things you cherish.