Personal wireless lighting… Meet Philips Hue

It feels as though everything around us is become ‘smart’ nowadays, but only a few products a truly are smart innovations. The home is one place where every appliance, gadget or furnishing is coming to life and we think the smart lighting innovation by Philips is quite remarkable.

Integrated with your smart mobile devices and now Nest you can remotely and automatically control your lights from anywhere, which has it’s energy saving benefits but also giving you piece of mind, being able to control the lights and giving your home a presence in your absence.

Philips lights and smart phone
Setting the mood from you smart device

One feature that caught our attention is that you can create moods and an ambience that enhance everyday life, from an array of 16 million colours you’ll no doubt find a hue for the ultimate ‘Netflix and chill’ mood or fresh daylight imitation to help you waking up in the winter months.

They are not cheap at roughly £99 for the start pack including 2 Hue ambience bulbs, wireless dimmer switch and Hue bridge available on Amazon; but easily justifiable if you like to spend time and energy to make you home that little more magic.

16 Million colours to choose from
16 Million colours to choose from


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