Studio Ghibli Expo and film feature cafe

There are points in our lives where we all need to be Spirited Away, whisked away to mysterious places like The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness with our good Neighbor Totoro.  While none of us are likely to ever receive something from Kiki’s Delivery Service, we can get close by stopping by the Studio Ghibli Exhibition taking place in Tokyo City.

Enthusiasts are gathering from all over the world to take in the Studio Ghibli themed exhibition, eager to see all the pieces of memorabilia that come about when you’re the creators of some of the most influential works of animated art in the past 3 decades.

Experience the Magical Story of Studio Ghibli

30 years of producing films that have touched the hearts and minds of enthusiasts everywhere has created quite the collection of elements of the Studio’s past, and hints of its future.  Collections of pamphlets, posters, storyboards, and more help to frame the history of this iconic group of animators and storytellers. There’s a treasure trove here that will carry fans on a nostalgic journey through their favorite movies and series.

The gift shop is going to be the mecca for fans seeking unique or limited edition pieces that celebrate the stories and characters that have become like friends to them.  While these iconic pieces will be with them forever, there’s something more ephemeral that will serve as a special treat for them.

studio ghibli exhibition cafe roppongi menu 5
studio ghibli exhibition cafe roppongi menu 5

Eat Your Fandom At The Sun

The Café that’s located on the 52nd floor of the tower the exhibition is being held in is doing something special for it as well.  They will be featuring special foods inspired from Studio Ghibli’s films, like the Pitch Black Burger that is reminiscent of the Dust Bunnies that show up in Totoro and Spirited Away, and a special shaved ice that calls to mind My Neighbor Totoro.  A trip to the café will serve as a memory of what is likely to be the most important exhibition some of the guests will have ever been to.


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