Two Best Ways for Busy Professionals to Find Love

Modern-day society is best characterized by busy schedules for everyone.  Many singles can rarely find the time to meet someone new.  The good news is there are two fantastic ways for busy professionals to find love:

  • Use online dating sites. Ten years ago, nobody wanted others to know that they were using an online dating site because that would make them look desperate.  However, nowadays things have changed forever – online dating is the main way (if not the only way) to meet other singles.  Since online dating has become mainstream, you should totally join at least one online dating website.  Let’s look at a business analogy: Using an online dating site is like making passive income, i.e. the dating website automatically sends eligible singles to you!  In contrast, offline dating is like making earned income, i.e. you have to make an effort in order to meet someone new.
  • Meet singles in the right context. The reason online dating actually works is because everyone knows why you are there.  Therefore, nobody needs to explain anything to anyone.  Now let’s look at offline dating: it’s harder because you need to clarify your intention first.  But there is a way to make it a bit easier – you can meet people in the right context in which everybody expects to meet and flirt with others, e.g. say yes to every party, go to wine-tasting events, go on a cruise ship, etc.

         Hopefully you find these two tips helpful, and as Whitney Houston famously sang, ‘And I wish you joy and happiness, but above all this, I wish you love.”



Jade Pearlhouse
Jade Pearlhouse is an Australian educator, author and academic/career strategist. She has contributed to the success of Flinders University, University of South Australia, the University of Adelaide, Australian Institute of Translation and Interpretation and Australian national curriculum.