Bali – More Than Just a Beach Destination

Bali is by far one of Asia’s most popular destinations. People flock from all over the globe to unwind, relax and enjoy the serene beauty of the ‘Island of Gods’. Whether it’s for honeymooning and getting pampered at a splurge five star resort, surfing like there’s no tomorrow, soaking up the sun or eating your way through the island’s culinary world, there is something for everyone on the island.

But with so many activities and sites to visit, the big questions remains – where do you start? Truth to be told: there is no right or wrong way to experience the island. Make the most of your time and try to combine as much as possible.

Let’s dive in – here are the six best things to do for a fun & adventurous holiday in Bali:

  1. Visit a temple

That’s a tough one. How would you choose the right one out of approximately 20.000? Answer: go to a special one. While one might argue that each temple is special in its own way, Bali has ten so-called directional temples located at the pivotal points of the island. According to Balinese beliefs, these temples are meant to protect the island by providing spiritual balance to all lives.

If you still want to narrow the selection down then visit the following two temples in southern Bali: Tanah Lot, which sits on a rock just offshore and is one of Bali’s most photographed sites and Uluwatu, which is situated on top of a steep cliff and offers breathtaking views over the Indian Ocean, especially during sunset.

  1. Climb an active volcano

An active volcano? Yep, that’s right. Mount Batur (1717m) is one Bali’s highest volcano and still active, the last eruption happened in 2000. Don’t worry too much as it’s absolutely safe to climb. The hike might be a bit demanding at time but you don’t have to be in uber athletic condition to conquer. It takes about 2 hours from bottom to top and recommended to start in the early morning in order to reach the summit just before sunrise.

  1. Eat local

Bali’s cuisine is significantly different from the rest of Indonesia. Visit a ‘Warung’, a local eatery and ask for ‘Babi Guling’, a crispy suckling pig and the signature dish in Bali. It’s mostly served from early morning until noon time. There are many Warungs specialized in selling this particular dish, just ask your hotel’s reception or concierge where to get it, chances are high that there is a warung in the direct neighbourhood of your accommodation.

  1. Go clubbing

Bali is home to an array of excellent party venues – from hip clubs, over trendy bars to elegant restaurants, there is almost nothing you can’t find here. Why not visiting a spot that combines all? If you like the idea of dining and clubbing on the beach then you should definitely hit Potato Club. Being among Bali’s top beach clubs, the whole venue reminds one of the party scenes known from places like Ibiza. Situated next to the super-chic W Resort in Seminyak, Potato Club features an awesome infinity pool, a top beachfront bar, a stylish French fine-dining restaurant and a relaxed Asian restaurant.

  1. Take a trip to Ubud

Imagine lush rice paddies, roads fringed with coconut palms and small art galleries at every corner – welcome to Ubud! The town in central Bali is known as the artistic and cultural centre of Bali while lots of young people get pulled by the eclectic spiritual vibe and commonly practice meditation and yoga at special wellness-retreats.

  1. Visit a spa

That’s a must while in Bali. Balinese spa therapists are world-renown for their excellent techniques while the traditional Balinese massage is one of the most popular treatments in the world. Spas can be found literally everywhere and for every budget.