Top 5 Jamaican Food and Drinks

Jamaica is an island country surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and as you would expect the waters are enriched with plenty of indigenous seafood. Most of the food in this country was introduced by foreigners from all over the world through the Atlantic Ocean.

However, apart from the exotic spices from the outside world they also possess their variety of fruits and vegetables. With these ingredients, they can prepare mouthwateringly, and delicious meals such as the Plantains, Jerk, Ackee and Salt Fish, Irish moss, and Bammy.

Jerk Seasoning

Jerk is a type of seasoning that is sprinkled fish, chicken, and pork meat and even vegetables for a spicy taste. Its taste is balanced between hot and incendiary composed of ingredients such as garlic, chillies, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The good thing is that this meal is available everywhere in the many food stands aligned in the Jamaican streets.


A member of the banana family, plantains is used by the Caribbean countries to accompany main dishes. They are enriched with starch and usually have to be fried or processed before they are eaten with stew and soup. Plantains are popular among the locals and can be found in almost all restaurants in the beautiful island country.

Ackee and Salt Fish

Ackee and Salt Fish is a one of the oldest meals found in Jamaica’s recipes. It consists of the Ackee fruit that came from Ghana and the Salt Fish. The meal is simply prepared by soaking the Salt Cod in water to get rid of the excess salt overnight and then cooked with boiled Ackee fruits with other ingredients such as tomatoes, black pepper, and bacon. The dish is best served in the morning as breakfast.


Best served in soaked coconut milk; the Bammy is a traditional Jamaican food obtained from the cassava plant. The cassava root is finely chopped to make flat pieces of bread that provide a great escort for fried fish. Bammy can be prepared in two different ways; one can deep them in hot oil or toast them in an oven.

Irish moss

Irish moss is a seaweed normally used as a thickener by cooks in a vegetarian dish. The Irish moss is highly enriched with fiber and protein and is usually variegated with sweetened milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg to add taste. The drink comes in flavors of strawberry, vanilla, and peanut. Vegetarians should try this drink as an add-on to their healthy diet.