10 of the Best foods to eat on a Jamaican Visit

Jamaica receives thousands of visitors during the summer every year for vacations on the warm sunny climate and sandy beaches. What most visitors don’t know is it that the country has other attractions they can enjoy such as its traditional drinks and delicious meals.

Ackee and Salt fish

Ackee is a fleshy fruit found on the island, and Saltfish is a type of fish in the Caribbean Sea. The Salt cod is soaked in water for a whole night to neutralize its saltiness and later cooked with the Ackee fruits for a power breakfast.


Made from steamed amaranth vegetable, the Callaloo is a mineral juice available in the island country. Similar to kale and spinach, the juice is normally prepared with garlic, thyme, tomatoes, and onions. Get your vegetarian mojo back on track with this indigenous tasty, juicy dish from Jamaica.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica is the one place you will find one of the rarest coffee beans in the world. The cool and misty mountain climate provide a suitable environment for the growth of the Blue Mountain Coffee. One sip of a hot blue mountain coffee will leave you wanting to carry it home with you.


As the name suggests, the Festival Bread is one meal you don’t want to miss on a trip to Jamaica. The bread is made from corn and is best accompanied with peas and rice for a complete main dish. Alternatively, you can pair these crunchy rolls of bread with Fish and Mango Coleslaw.

Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken is a dish that the Jamaicans prepare in their barbecue traditions. To prepare this meal they spread chicken meat in frying pans and the jerk seasoning is rubbed over the meat. The secret behind its taste comes from the spices added when cooking such as the bonnet peppers.

Rice and Peas

Jamaica is an island filled with palm trees all over and it is from these that they get coconut milk to prepare delicious dishes such as the Rice and Peas. These peas here, however, are beans that are cooked with spices and pepper that make them unique and tasty.

Jamaican Patty

What another way to enjoy the beautiful sunny summer climate on the island than with some Jamaican Patty? The Jamaican Patty is a pastry that is composed of a flaky baked shell with spices and fillings ingredients inside. This pastry has an attractive golden yellow color that will leave you yearning for a bite.

 Jamaican Porridge

Available in Vanilla, cinnamon, and coconut milk flavors this porridge is an ideal breakfast mixture to try. The porridge is available all over the country and sold along the streets every morning.


Gizzada is another Jamaican pastry that the local love eating. This pinch me round snack that is also known as the coconut tart is spiced with ginger and gooey from the coconut fruits to give it a cuisine finish.


The plantains are cousins of bananas and are popular meals in Jamaican restaurants. They are baked with salt and pepper flavors since they are naturally tasteless. However, they are mainly used as escorts for other meals such as the ackee and saltfish.