How to enjoy the best Jamaican Cuisine

Do you wish to experience the real Jamaican cuisine? If yes, then get out of your resort and dine with the locals. Here are a few of the best spots in Jamaica where you can find classic Jamaican cuisines.

Local flavors and specialities

Jamaican cuisine reflects the various cultures that have prevailed in the island for many years. Despite being old, many local ingredients stand out in dishes. Some of the ingredients are the hot and spicy Scotch bonnet peppers that are essential for any ‘Jerk.’

Jerk chicken and pork are some of the popular Jamaican dishes and are seasoned with the Scotch bonnet peppers and other ingredients including onions and scallion. Apart from the tasty jerk chicken and jerk pork, menus in most Jamaican restaurants are dominated by delicious meals that are prepared using the local ingredients.

Side dishes are usually made using big flavoured vegetables. Callaloo is generally served with pickled mackerel and cod fish or even boiled green bananas. Callaloo is a green leafy vegetable that is similar to collard or spinach. Other tasty side dishes are fried plantains and rice that is stewed with beans.

Despite the hot weather in Jamaica, the locals still enjoy hot soups. Some of the soups include pepperpot soup is packed with leafy and green callaloo while creamy pumpkin soup has a more delicate taste. Other soups include oxtail soup, brown chicken stew, and conch stew.

Finally, don’t forget that any culinary tour of Jamaica is complete without coconut water and red stripe!

Where to eat


Have a great day kick off at Kingston with savoury Jamaican breakfast at Hot Pot. Saltfish and Ackee is a classic breakfast combo of salt cod, peppers, scotch bonnet peppers, Caribbean fruit ackee, tomatoes, onions, and spices topped with bacon. Those who don’t take joy in meat can enjoy their ackee alongside tofu or tofu with okra, coconut sauce or callaloo.

Montego Bay

Don’t be scared by its looks. The Pork Pit at 27 Gloucester Ave features the best jerk dishes in Montego Bay. It serves all of the Jamaican classics in a no-frills setting. You will have a broad range of dishes to choose from such s conch chowder, sour Escoveitch fish, curried goat, and much more. Please save room for tasty desserts offered which includes rum bread pudding and the lemon meringue pie.