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Getting Real about Having it All in Love, Life and at Work

Striking a balance between love life and career has become more and more challenging in today’s day and age – with so many distractions and shiny objects in life and at work, we are simply overwhelmed.  Now I’d like to share three top tips with you, so that you can see having it all isn’t […]

Jade Pearlhouse Jade Pearlhouse

The Truth about Success in the Gig Economy

In today’s day and age, “entrepreneurship” is cool.  Technically, if a 13-year-old boy gets paid by mowing his neighbor’s lawn, he is already an entrepreneur.  But more specifically, how should we define “entrepreneurship” in modern-day society where almost everyone says they are an entrepreneur? Real entrepreneurs and how to start. In reality, if you buy […]

Jade Pearlhouse Jade Pearlhouse

The Mindset that Permanently Changes Your Career

Work is hard. That’s why in English language, we have words and phrases such as “hardworking”, “work your ass off” and “work like a horse”. However, there is a single mindset shift that could permanently change your career from now on, no matter which industry you are in.  This mindset is seeing your boss and […]

Jade Pearlhouse Jade Pearlhouse

Why Passion is Overrated

By Jade Pearlhouse (contributor), Career Counsellor, Amazon Best-selling Author You often hear this: “Find your passion.  That’s your calling!  That’s what hugely successful people do!” Yet, after teaching career strategies for ten years, I have solid evidence to tell you that passion is overrated. Many people have more than one passion.  If you are one […]

Jade Pearlhouse Jade Pearlhouse
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