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It’s been over 8 years and tens of billions of dollars since Bitcoin was created by a still unknown figure by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Back then you and I and practically everyone else in the world thought it was just another geek idea that will only last in the geek universe, how wrong were […]

Neuben Neuben

Smart plants – Floating Bonsai by The Hoshinchu Team

Bonsai plants are majestic as it is, but these Air Bonsai are quite exceptional.

Neuben Neuben

[Gallery] Photos taken on on the ‘the best smartphone camera ever’ – Google Pixel

We’re sure you’ve heard about the new Google smartphone Pixel, if not check out the video here. Well we’ve tracked down some incredible shots taken by Isaac Reynolds Product Lead at Google, and would love to know how you rate them? Camera spec Rear camera: 12.3 mega pixels Front camera: 8 mega pixels Want to know […]

Laws Laws

Need a new Smart Phone – Google Pixel

It has been labelled as the best smart phone to date! We think it looks pretty awesome. UK release date: Available now! Specs and more information: 

Laws Laws

Personal wireless lighting… Meet Philips Hue

It feels as though everything around us is become ‘smart’ nowadays, but only a few products a truly are smart innovations. The home is one place where every appliance, gadget or furnishing is coming to life and we think the smart lighting innovation by Philips is quite remarkable. Integrated with your smart mobile devices and […]

Laws Laws

Fractal Nature – The chaotic nature of reality

Fractal art has always amazed me, from the basic floral, flames and microscopic like structures to the complex universes and parallel worlds the creators spawn. This is a beautiful production produced by: Julius Horsthuis Vimeo: enjoy! “With “Fractal Nature” I try to visualise the chaotic nature of reality. My everyday reality is the city of […]

Neuben Neuben

Pokemon Go!

If you’re a millennial, you probably don’t use your Gameboy anymore. However, there is one game coming back with a vengeance that is compatible to your phone and always has been in your heart. Pokémon has made a major comeback- yes, it has been on systems for the Generation Z, but now there is Pokémon […]

Neuben Neuben

Home storage solutions

As new homes are built, older homes are divided up into smaller units and the price of land is at a premium, the way that people live in the modern world has changed. Gone are the days of massive loft spaces full of every belonging that a person or family has accumulated over time. With […]

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What you need to know before buying a smartwatch

By B.D. Scheffel Watches these days can do so much more than tell time. Connected devices from Apple, Samsung, Pebble, Motorola and others offer a number of useful features accessible with a tap to the wrist. Fifty million people will be buying smartwatches this year, according to tech research company Gartner Inc. If you’re thinking […]

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