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[VIDEO] What is Diwali?

We wanted to know about Diwali, the festival of light, and came across a very informative and video from production house scenes of reason. Do you celebrate Diwali?

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The origin of Halloween – a brief history on a day!

The morning air is crisp, with frost begin to trickle across windows and the first creeping edges of ice beginning to form in puddles and lakes.  The sun seems to be retreating from the chill, leaving the world locked in darkness for longer and longer periods of time as Fall marches on and Winter encroaches.  […]

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Top 5 Jamaican Food and Drinks

Jamaica is an island country surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and as you would expect the waters are enriched with plenty of indigenous seafood. Most of the food in this country was introduced by foreigners from all over the world through the Atlantic Ocean. However, apart from the exotic spices from the outside world they […]

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Bali – More Than Just a Beach Destination

Bali is by far one of Asia’s most popular destinations. People flock from all over the globe to unwind, relax and enjoy the serene beauty of the ‘Island of Gods’. Whether it’s for honeymooning and getting pampered at a splurge five star resort, surfing like there’s no tomorrow, soaking up the sun or eating your […]

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10 of the Best foods to eat on a Jamaican Visit

Jamaica receives thousands of visitors during the summer every year for vacations on the warm sunny climate and sandy beaches. What most visitors don’t know is it that the country has other attractions they can enjoy such as its traditional drinks and delicious meals. Ackee and Salt fish Ackee is a fleshy fruit found on […]

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How to enjoy the best Jamaican Cuisine

Do you wish to experience the real Jamaican cuisine? If yes, then get out of your resort and dine with the locals. Here are a few of the best spots in Jamaica where you can find classic Jamaican cuisines. Local flavors and specialities Jamaican cuisine reflects the various cultures that have prevailed in the island for […]

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